Welcome to Amherst Island  Public School, whether you are returning to us or new this year.  We want to assure you that our school will provide your child or children with many positive experiences in their academic studies, athletic skill development and the various arts, while promoting community involvement and positive character development.  We invite you as parents and/or guardians to work co-operatively with our staff to ensure our students are provided with as many wonderful opportunities as possible.  We have a very active roster of volunteers, and offer you the invitation to become part of our team!  Please watch for notices regarding our School Advisory Council meetings and activities and join in.

  This school website and the school handbook contain important information pertaining to the school as well as various policies.  Please take the time to read through these.  Included on this website and in the school handbook is our school behaviour code, which was developed by a committee of staff with a parent representative.  Please read it over carefully with your child/children.

  Please remember that we have a student(s) with a severe anaphylactic reaction to nuts.  For this reason, we are asking that no nuts or nut products be brought to school.  Let me thank you in advance for your co-operation in this serious regard, as we want school to be a safe place for all our students.

  Grades Kindergarten to 8 this year will be on a 5 day timetable.  This is the first year we are able to offer full time Kindergarten to our island students.

  There may be some questions that are not answered here so please feel free to contact any staff member at the school.

  It takes a village to raise a child so thank you for your support in our endeavours to make this the best year your child has had in school to date!

  Heather Campbell, Vice-Principal                       Joanne Stinson, Principal